If we affirm one single moment, we thus affirm not only ourselves but all existence. For nothing is self-sufficient, neither in us ourselves nor in things; and if our soul has trembled with happiness and sounded like a harp string just once, all eternity was needed to produce this one event—and in this single moment of affirmation all eternity was called good, redeemed, justified, and affirmed.

— Friedrich Nietzsche (surprise!)

Daniel Marosi examines that singular moment when everything is working together for good despite conditions that overpower human limits. Whether as a tourist, finding peace near the overwhelming force of the ocean, or diving into harsh and unknown territory, Marosi depicts figures with an expressive line and bold strokes of paint that celebrate the pinnacle of creation and its fragility.


In his text paintings, Marosi releases spiritual concepts from their staid and sacred order on a printed page, revealing earthly expression in handwritten flaws and stumbles on canvas and paper. 


MFA 2018  |  Florida International University 
BFA 1991 | The University of Akron 
Foundation Studies | Cleveland Institute of Art 
Independent Development Studies | Haystack School | Maine


March 2019 | Photoaclicante | Alicante, Spain

May 2018 | Frost Art Museum | Miami, FL
Summer 2016 | MBUS Gallery | Miami Beach, FL
December 2013-2018 | Aqua Art Fair | Miami, FL
October 2015 | Swenson Gallery at Bakehouse | Miami, FL
December 2014 | Viscaya Museum | Miami, FL
June 2014 | Affordable Art Fair | London and New York
April 2014 | Sunstate Bank | Coral Gables, FL
January 2014 | Projects Contemporary Art Space | Ft. Lauderdale, FL
December 2012 | Cancio Contemporary | Context-Art Miami | Wynwood, Miami, FL
April 2012 Solo Exhibition | Ricart Gallery | Miami, FL
March 2012 | Audrey Love Gallery | Jordan Winery competition finalist | Miami, FL
November 2011 | Cancio Contemporary | Bloomingdales Collection | Miami, FL
December 2010 | Casa Wynwood | Miami, FL
December 2010 | MIA Mi Cielo | North Bay Village, Miami Beach, FL
June 2010 | My Private Art Club | Midtown, Miami, FL
August 2009 | Life is Art | Wynwood Arts District, Miami, FL
August 2008 | Open Studio | Miami, FL
October 2007 | Sagamore Hotel | Miami Beach, FL
August 2007 | Miami Interchange | Miami, FL
December 2005-2009 | FIU Postcard Show | Miami Beach, FL
November 2006 | Open Studio | Miami Beach, FL
June 2006 | AARTCORP| Cleveland, OH
June 2006 | House at the Crossroads | College Park, MD
March 2006 | The Lab | San Francisco, CA
May 2005 | Open Studio | Miami Beach, FL
February 2005 | Dorsch Gallery Tsumani Benefit Show | Miami, FL


Bloomingdales | Mural | Miami, FL

Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator | Sculpture | Miami, FL
Ultra Music Festival | Repurposed drums | Miami, FL
Ultra Music Festival | Custom recycling containers | Miami, FL

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 © 2020 Daniel Marosi

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